Hi friends,

Many of you are aware of Robin's muse, Einstein . . . and although Einstein isn't what one might call an admirer of those of the feline persuasion, I thought it would be fun to introduce another 'member' of the Gifts of Thanx Team . . . Joy.  Joy is one of my muses and as I was writing product descriptions for our Zazzle Gift Shop this morning (Grand Opening Sept. 8 - details soon to follow!), Joy decided to jump up on the couch with me to say hello and snuggle.

Joy offers her assistance quite often when I'm working . . . and those of you with cats know how they love to 'help out' by sitting on your papers, walking over your keyboards, knocking items off the desk, pawing at the cursor on your computer screen . . . naturally, we let them . . . probably because they're so darn cute!   ;-)

Have a great day!

Cindy, Gifts of Thanx Team Member