Finding Your Best Words

Just a Note to Say . . . :  The Perfect Words for Every Occasion

Florence Isaacs

A fully revised edition of Florence Isaac's bestselling classic, Just a Note to Say . . . offers over 150 new sample notes and ideas to help you write warm, meaningful messages that let people know how much they matter.


A Poetry Handbook:  A Prose Guide to Understanding and Writing Poetry

Mary Oliver

With passion, wit, and good common sense, the celebrated poet Mary Oliver tells of the basic way a poem is built - meter and rhyme, form and diction, sound and sense.  She talks of iambs and trochees, couplets and sonnets, and how and why this should matter to anyone writing or reading poetry.  Drawing on poems from Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, and others, Oliver imparts an extraordinary amount of information in a remarkably short space.

"This books is not meant to be more than a beginning - but it is meant to be a good beginning.  It is about matters of craft, primarily.  It is about the part of the poem that is a written document, as opposed to a mystical document, which of course the poem is also. . . . For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry.  Yes, indeed."


Words to the Rescue:  The sentiment guide for the tongue tied.

Steve Fadie

Stuck for the right words?  Relax.  This one-of-a-kind book cures writer's block fast.  Here, ready to personalize, is a gold mine of words to comfort, congratulate, encourage, and celebrate life's big occasions and small:

Anniversary / Apology / Baby / Birthday / Congratulations / Encouragement / Friendship / Get Well / Graduation / Miss You / New Business / New Home / Retirement / Romance / Sympathy / Thank You / Thinking of You / Wedding


The Art of the Personal Letter:  A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word

Margaret Shepherd

When was the last time you wrote a letter?  Or received one in the mail?

These days it's so easy to dash off a quick e-mail or text message, or make a cell-phone call while you're on the run, that you may rarely make time for letter writing.  But letters are a time-honored form of connection that simply cannot be equaled or replaced by faster methods of communication.

The Art of the Personal Letter reclaims this disappearing art, giving you the gift of leisurely expression and allowing you to write beautiful, enduring letters to the people you care about - be it by hand or on a computer.  For any occasion - whether you're reaching out to connect with a long-lost friend or you want to express condolences with grace - author Margaret Shepherd gives you both the inspiration and the tools to write a memorable and meaningful letter that will be cherished by its recipient for years.