Sales Tax on Zazzle Orders

U.S. Domestic Sales Tax

Zazzle charges sales tax on orders shipped to California and New York, as required by law. 

Interstate commerce laws requires Zazzle to charge sales tax for orders bound for delivery in any state where Zazzle has facilities or primary business affiliates. This list currently includes California and New York.

If you have been charged incorrectly for Sales tax, based on the exceptions noted above, please contact the Zazzle support team.

Sales Tax is subject to change according to changes in State Law.

International Orders (placed through the .com portal) will have a Value assigned to the order for customs purposes.

When a package leaves the Zazzle facility to be delivered internationally, they must place a unit value on the package.  This unit value is applied to insure the worth of the order in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the customs process.  In most cases (depending on the country of destination), a tariff will be placed on international packages, prior to actual delivery.  A tariff is a tax on foreign goods upon importation.  

When a package arrives at an international hub, a customs officer inspects the contents and applies a charge for the appropriate import tax value.   These tariffs are not the responsibility of Rather, it is the responsibility of the intended recipient to pay for any charges incurred as a cost of the import.